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Mukhost offers the best VPS service! Every Mukhost’s VPS is backed by a 99.99% uptime guarantee, so you can host with confidence.

VPS Hosting is a cloud-based virtual private server service, allowing customers to get their own virtual dedicated server on MukHost. Whether you want to host a personal website, a business website or a game server, VPS Hosting offers everything you need to run your site efficiently.

You can host your site without worrying about space and bandwidth. You can have multiple sites on a single VPS and enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server, without the cost.

You can start your VPS using a pre-installed operating system or with your own operating system. You can also use your own operating system. There are lots of different Linux distros. It’s up to you to decide which you want to use.

If you have never hosted before, you may be worried about the cost, but our VPS hosting service is very affordable. If you need help installing your server, you can contact their support staff. You can choose between shared, private or dedicated servers. With VPS hosting, you can easily add more space as your site grows, and you can upgrade your server at any time.











VPS stands for "Virtual Private Server." VPS hosting means you own a virtual machine that is part of a shared server owned by the hosting provider (or array of web servers in a cloud-based model), but you have complete control over and exclusive access to your dedicated server portion.

You can configure your server, add software, use your preferred operating system and VPS control panel, backup your data, and install your own security patches. You will have your own IP address from which you can secure your domain name and grow as many websites as you want.

No, you have to buy your domain name and email service separately for your IP address. You can have more than one domain name, but each name comes with its own registration price.

Setting up an account takes a matter of minutes. You need only supply MukHost.com with your email and choose a password and the process will begin. You will then be able to instantly activate your VPS server once your registration has been completed and will have full root access to begin the VPS configuration.

If your VPS needs change, you have total scalability with your VPS servers. If you need to downgrade your VPS account, you can terminate your existing VPS and start a new one. Your database and applications will transfer easily. It mostly depends on CPU or RAM power.

With our VPS hosting services, you are the sole owner of your data. MukHost.com does not access your data and online assets. It is not like shared hosting or web hosting. See our usage policy for details.

The concept of shared hosting is like all the people in a stadium watching a sports event. VPS hosting is like the people who buy their own box seats, separate from everyone else. They’re still at the same stadium, but they have complete control over their environment. The process of breaking up a physical server into virtual machines is called server virtualization.

With VPS hosting, you get total server admin privilege, which is essential without the ovhcloud control panel. Other sites could also be affected by a shared hosting account because they share the same physical hardware resources. A ‘hypervisor’ makes it possible for multiple guest operating systems to share the same server or cloud server infrastructure, so each user has complete independence to configure their virtual machine environment.