1.  30 Days Money Back Risk-Free with this service, you buy a hosting plan without registering or transferring a domain, if you want to cancel your account within 30 days. then we will be issued a full amount refund within 7 business days. This service applied on the service of “Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Offshore Hosting
  2. 30 Days Refund policy Applicable only the first month of activation of the service. 
  3. Refund policy not applicable to Service renewal. So, Please renew your hosting only if you are fully satisfied.
  4. Registering a domain, transfer a domain, or renew domain is non-refundable as per ICANN rules & regulations. So Please don’t contact us regarding this matter
  5. All Dedicated Servers (PPD Servers, Storage Servers, Gaming Servers) and also addon of order like WHM/cPanel license are non-refundable.
  6. All VPS Products (Unmanaged or Managed) comes with 8 hours money-back guarantee excluding cPanel/WHM license or Softaculous license and or any other addons.
  7. All types of Addons are completely non-refundable like cPanel/WHM license, Cloudlinux license, Softaculous License, Litespeed Web Server License, Etc..
  8. All Setup fees applied to any products are non-refundable.