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What's Included?

Unlimited SSD Web Space Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited MySQL Databases Unlimited 10 GB Mailboxes Free Wildcard SSL Certificates 70+ One Click Installs Malware Scanning Website Builder

How do I activate my free SSL?

Every hosting package comes with a free wildcard SSL certificate, enabling you to use the more secure ‘HTTPS’ protocol to keep your site users secure. To activate the SSL, you’ll need to make sure you’ve pointed the domain name to our nameservers. These are:

What is Linux Hosting?

Our most popular platform is our Linux web hosting. On this platform you can run any Linux-based websites (which is most of them!). If your website is built from Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby, and uses tools like Drupal, Joomla! and Magento, then the Linux platform is for you. As it allows you to run a broad range of sites, our Linux platform is the most flexible.

What is WordPress Cloud Hosting?

WordPress is also Linux-based, but we have a separate platform for it: our WordPress-optimised platform. It’s fine-tuned to run fast WordPress sites. We’ve developed our unique StackCache tool to edge-cache assets: meaning that sites load blisteringly-fast. Our WordPress Tools suite includes one-click WordPress staging.

What is Windows Hosting?

We also provide Windows hosting. This is for sites that are built from ASP or If your site uses a Microsoft SQL database you’ll also have to use Windows hosting. You will also need to pay a licence fee to Microsoft for the software you use.

Why should you use Force HTTPS on your website?

Using HTTPS instead of HTTP means that communications between your browser and a website is encrypted via the use of an SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Even if your website doesn’t handle sensitive data, it’s a good idea to make sure your website loads securely over HTTPS. It’s now becoming a requirement for many new browser features as well as potentially having an impact on search engine rankings.